Welcome to the home of the hResume Project, not to be confused with the hResume standards effort taking place at the Microformats hResume site. Once we realized the Microformat team was drafting the hResume specification we decided to build tools around it to hasten its adoption. We are huge fans of Microformats and feel that real world use cases of specifications like hResume are needed to move the concept forward.

Who are we? Our organization is now called SPUR (formerly known as m|ventures). What is SPUR? In a sentence: SPUR makes new company ideas go. We build new companies in media, technology and aligned areas.

Our competencies including web, open source, telecom, internet, marketing and business model innovation. Our strengths lie in our ability to leverage non-traditional business models such as open source, freemium delivery and fractional ownership.

SPUR is the company behind Big in Japan, SimpleTicket, Weblogs Work and Architel. At anytime SPUR may be developing five or more ideas that might hatch into new companies. If you have a great business idea don’t ask us for money, but instead consider joining our team.

Founded in 2001, SPUR is organized as a holding company with controlling interests in several businesses. Initially we saw ourselves as venture capitalists or private equity investors. We made a few investments, but our real passions and skills were most evident when we were building our own ideas into businesses.

One Response to “What is the hResume Project?”  

  1. 1 Alex Rudloff

    Hey guys,

    My anme is Alex Rudloff and I’m a co-founder of Emurse.com. We’re implementing hResume currently and would love to help out where we can on any of your projects.

    E-mail me at alex at emurse.om and maybe we can find some things of joint interest :)



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