The hResume WordPress plugin is finally complete (in beta).  What is it?  It is a simple way to present your resume on your WordPress weblog.  The resume data is marked-up using the hResume Microformat so that machines can read it.  Download the plugin here.  Learn more about hResume here.  This completes phase one of the project.

Phase two includes the modification of our QwikPing server to accept hResume pings from the plugin (i.e. so that we know when you create or update your resume).  Phase three includes the creation of a resume listing site (i.e. you can’t post a job or a resume there - only resumes marked-up using hResume will be listed).  We will keep you posted!

48 Responses to “hResume WordPress Plugin is Available!”  

  1. 1 Craig

    Great plugin. One suggestion though; it would be nice if people could embed their resume into a page using a comment hook instead of having to edit templates.

  2. 2 Sebastian Küpers

    would be a great plugin, if there would be a country field for the hCard … argh … this happens so often :(

  3. 3 admin

    We will add the country field! :) We are so US-centric… sorry!

  4. 4 Sebastian Küpers

    Yes you are :D … last time it happend at claimID when they implemented hCard ;)

    Two more suggestions:

    - a better hCard-support for the companies I’ve worked for
    - maybe adding affiliation und publications sections?

    And I have one problem:

    After updating the page was created, but the link to it, is not existent.
    Maybe you wanna look


  5. 5 admin

    Sebastian - send an email to - describe to him the problem. If you want to give him access to your blog so he can look at the code and see why the link is wonky he will take a look. I am hoping this is a problem with your WordPress install - and not the plugin. We tested across a bunch of installs. Also, what version of WordPress are you using? Anyway, work with Fred - he can help.

  6. 6 Frederic Tubale

    Sebastian - May I ask you to please explain further what you mean by saying this “After updating the page was created, but the link to it, is not existent”, so that I can help you with your problem?



  7. 7 Sebastian Küpers

    The permalink for the page was:

    I fixed the problem bei open the page and saving it under another title.
    Now it’s reachable under

    Maybe it’s a problem with my wordpress installation and permalinks settings ;)

  8. 8 Frederic Tubale

    Sebastian - Yeah, I think so :) I’ve done some minor changes on the CSS and I’m about to finish with the country field that you have suggested. So you may want to update your hresume plugin version tomorrow.

    Thanks for your comments


  9. 9 Frederic Tubale

    Craig - I’m not sure if I understand what you meant but did you mean it to be like this? e.g. I have a pre-formated resume on a word document and so instead of typing the data one by one on the template I can just copy paste everything and publish it. Is this what you mean? If yes, this procedure will make the hcard tagging a bit difficult. We are using a template because we wanted to tag the correct info that we are typing on the textfields. e.g. my firstname which is Frederic would be tagged as fname and my lastname which is Tubale would be tagged as lname and so on. The textfields on the template are already laid with the specific microformat tags so by doing this we are sure to produce a correct hcard for the hresume user :)

  10. 10 paolo

    Would it make sense to add it to the structured blogging plugin so that all microformats stuff is downloadable once?
    just a suggestion.

  11. 11 Roman Edirisinghe

    This plugin doesn’t seem to work with my site. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that I’ve set my permalinks structure to date and name based instead of id based.

  12. 12 Roman Edirisinghe

    It doesn’t seem to create a page slug, which is necessary when using permalinks as I am.

  13. 13 Frederic Tubale

    Roman - hmmm that’s strange. I’d like to help you, can you pls share more info on how was your blog setup? Thanks

  14. 14 Sebastian Küpers

    Hi Roman,

    I had the same problem, as you can see at the top of the comments. The page was created, but there was no correct permalink created.

    I just opened the page and saved it again under a different Title.
    Than a correct Permalink using your Permalink options, will be created.


  15. 15 Sebastian Küpers

    @Frederic - perhaps you should test your plugin with different permalink settings!

  16. 16 Frederic Tubale

    Sebastian - I’ll do that. Thanks for the feedback :)

  17. 17 Rob

    Hi all,
    I had the same problem with the permalink. In fact, I still do on my MS machine. Maybe something to do how the page is generated. I got mine to work on my hosted site ( ).

    Try going to Manage > Pages. and going to resume. I think it kicks starts the page generation.

    My new problem is the code generated - really doesn’t seem right. I can probably css out a lot of the problems - like those object tags which Opera seems to have a ball with. But, also I’m getting a lot validation issues. So, I’m wondering what’s supposed to be going on. I don’t mind doing a little code digging, but where should I start?

    - Thanks, Rob.

  18. 18 Frederic Tubale

    Rob - I looked into your site’s hresume page. Are you concern of the big space between your contact info and the Educations part? If yes, this code may have been the culprit:

    under this comment

    * Generate the HTML for the Contact information.

    Change this line : line # 396


    $var .= ‘ \n’;


    $var .= ‘\n’;

    Let me know if this works.

    - Fred

  19. 19 supriyadisw

    I get the same problem about I try to change “post slug” from ‘’ to ‘resume’. This action will create But this page didn’t show my resume :( I removed this page, and try to install this plugin again. But it’s not make the page (resume page) automatically. My resume still on hresume option (on wordpress). I don’t know how to fix this problem :( Need help please… Thx a bunch… :)

  20. 20 Frederic Tubale

    Supriyadisw - I’ve tried our plugin and it only works if your permalinks setting is set to the default. I’m doing some modification on the plugin and hope to post an update soon. Meanwhile, the best turnaround for your problem is by putting back on your permalinks to default or by using this code to point into the created hresume page:

    Simply put that code in your nav and it will locate your hresume page. For details kindly read the instructions on your Dashboard/Options/hResume page.

    - Fred

  21. 21 Frederic Tubale

    Sorry about that my codes are not showing :) I’ll just create a post and prepare a nice tutorial on how to resolve your concerns.


    - Fred

  22. 22 Lee Kelleher

    @Frederic, hi… The hResume plugin has some really nice functionality, I am using it on my personal website (which is not yet live).

    I’ve found a couple of issues, which I’d like to discuss:

    * The issue with the permalink (as other people have mentioned) is to do with the “hResume_Page_Link()” function. It doesn’t recognise the $hResume_Options array, so I added “global $hResume_Options;” to the “hResume_Page_Link()” and it worked fine!

    I am not 100% sure if that is a specific PHP-configuration issue?! (I’m using Windows/Apache).

    The other issue that I’d like to discuss is displaying the email address. Since we all hate SPAM, the last thing we want to do is publically display our email address on the web (especially as ASCII text) - so I was thinking, would you consider using the WP function “antispambot()”? As that would obfuscate the email address.

    I tested this by modifying line 372 (in hresume.php):

    $var .= ‘Email: ‘ . antispambot( $hResume_Options[’email’] ) . ‘\n’;

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Thanks again for a great plugin! Keep up the good work!

  23. 23 supriyadisw

    Frederic, Thanks for your solutions. I’ll wait the update one :) Great plugin and nice work friend. Have a great day :D

  24. 24 Scott

    I edited the code alot and removed all the \n because it was making double break lines making the resume look ugly. I also changed the header format to center the name, address, city, state and country which is what 99% of all resume’s use.

    I also added the antispam obfuscation code to stop those spam bots.

    The one thing this plugin did not do at all and I see nothing in your code that does it was make the post_name and the GUID which is bad bad so I had to edit my database and add those in by hand which got it working.

    Anyways if anyone wants to look at it and tell me your thoughts its at


  25. 25 Scott is a dead URL.

    Developers need to look at there code more and make sure that embedded URL’s actually exist.

  26. 26 Terrin

    What would be nice is the ability to 1) create more then one resume, and 2) be able password protect each resume so that only people with the password can see the resume.

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    agree with that.
    very informative content here.
    can i use it for my next incoming project?

  28. 28 Randy

    Hey, the plug-in looks great. But in ‘learning’ how to use it I ended up deleting the RESUME page it created on installation. I tried deactivating/reactivating the plug-in hoping it would re-create the page, but it didn’t. Your suggestions are most appreciated. Thanks!

  29. 29 Mike

    It’s very beautifully.

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