John Doe
1950 Stemmons Freeway, Suite 2022
Dallas, TX 75207
United States
214-550-2000 (office)
214-555-1212 (home)
214-555-1213 (cell)
214-550-2001 (fax)

Education & Affiliations

BS Business
The University of Texas
June 1990 - June 1994

Professional Experience

Vice President
hResume, Inc., Dallas, Texas
January 2005 - Present
Hired to build the team necessary to give free software away for fun. Duties include hanging around, waiting for coders to code, working on my resume and other basic things.
Mail Clerk, Dallas, Texas
January 1997 - January 2005
I was responsible for delivering mail to the executives of the company. I was able to read their memos and came up with the idea for building an hResume plugin. I worked during the night and came up with the first hResume plugin. Yea!

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